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Match your Resume to the Job you want!


Why submit your resumes to 50 jobs that you are not really suited for when you can submit tailored resumes to a couple of jobs that suit both your experience and skills set?


The worst thing that job seekers can do is flood the job market with their resume; this scatter gun approach is not effective and will not increase the chances of securing an interview. 


Be honest with your experience and skills set and take time to review where you currently are in your career and what you want your next role to look like. Once you have worked on defining this, it is easy to see what the right job opportunities are for you. Now it is time to tailor each application to a specific job description and what the employer is looking for to ensure that you give yourself the best chance in securing an interview. 


We have broken down a job description below and tailored a resume that suits the keywords that we highlighted: