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" I would highly recommend ExecutiveDNA. Their experience in providing business solutions, consultancy and recruitment services particularly in APAC has really impressed me. I look forward to working with them again soon."

Regional Director, Technology Company 

" ExecutiveDNA was a pleasure to work with. Clearly knowledgeable and well-connected in the field, ExecutiveDNA was quick to match my skills to roles that align to my aspirations, so that no time was wasted discussing unlikely options. They were helpful and efficient in facilitating the interview process, from organisation to preparation and feedback."

Global Banking Job Seeker 

" I find ExecutiveDNA to be dependable and high in integrity. They always deliver. Additionally, when I was in need of immediate short term staffing assistance; they were flexible and quick to help."

Head of Recruitment, Global Bank 

" ExecuitveDNA is dedicated to identifying qualified individuals for our compliance team staffing needs. The recruiters are dedicated to providing a high degree of professionalism."
Head of Compliance, Bank 

" ExeucutiveDNA has solid database and deep knowledge of Digital Technology. They work with a wide-network of well qualified/experienced individuals. They have improved our time-to-hire on several niche roles over the past year."

Head of Digital Transformation, Tier one Listed Technology Company 

" I relocated to Singapore and was keen to get back to work. A lot of recruitment companies didn't even bother to meet me as i had one year maternity break. ExecutiveDNA guys were highly professional and good listeners. They were quick to understand the kind of role i was after, recognized my strengths and actively marketed my resume to their clients. I was offer a role within 2 weeks. I was very impressed and will recommend them to every job seeker."

Project Manager, Financial Tech industry