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5 Ways to Build your Brand


Have you updated your profile and not heard anything yet? Hang on, you are on your way to your next career opportunity.

If you think having a well written profile is all it takes to landing good job, I would seriously urge you to rethink. This is only the beginning. No one can get a decent amount of exposure without engaging social media tools in this digital age.

So you have updated your profile on LinkedIn, so what is next? Here comes the 5 ways to getting noticed:

Add a photo

Most people do not realize the impact of having a photo on their Linkedin profile. You are creating a brand for yourself on social media that is free! Be consistent in the photos you post on different websites so that you can increase your chances of being recognised.

Get active on Linkedin

Do this by not only joining groups on LinkedIn but publishing and sharing your own posts and sharing other relevant professional content. Do not worry if you cannot think of anything to write; just start by commenting on other people’s posts. – The more you start reading others content, the easier it is to create your own ideas.

Tweet, tweet and retweet

If you are on Twitter or want to see what all the fuss is about, start one today. Start following recruiters that you know have roles in a particular sector and location you are looking for (depending on how high, far and widespread your career aspirations are). Key in “your desired position” + “recruiter’s name” + “location”. Retweet these recruiters’ tweets and help in potential referrals when possible, this creates a regular interactions with them that will keep you to of mind. Add a link in your profile so that the recruiters can access your online bio (e.g. LinkedIn).

Network, Network, Network

Participate in different networking events and give out your name cards freely. You never know what opportunity comes next..

Never Say NO

When a recruiter asks you out for coffee, do not turn them down. You may not be looking for a new job but it does not hurt to keep yourself abreast of industry news and movements. Know who you are dealing with e.g. Are you meeting a head hunter or a recruiter? A head hunter will most probably have all the answers you need on hand and other tools like salary guides tailored for different industries and will not use a “one size fits all” approach. On the other hand, a recruiter works on a varied types of roles and will usually not be able to give you in-depth information about your industry compared to a head hunter who specialises in it.


Like it or not, we are making your career our business and therefore your interest is of paramount importance to us.

There is really no secret to making yourself stand out from the rest; it’s always about originality. Never be afraid to be creative; creative in finding yourself good leads, creative in presenting yourself when you go for interviews, creative in demanding for higher pay…when you can find your own worth, your potential employers will add to it. - It always starts with you.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact me by email, I would love to hear your thoughts.


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Abigail Chang, Recruitment Consultant

Starting as a Research Consultant at ExecutiveDNA, Abigail found that she enjoys mapping out both careers and strategic talent plans that enabled her network of professionals and employers to align their long-term goals for both parties. Abigail specialises in Finance, Banking, and Retail space where she delivers both permanent and contract solutions.

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