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Must have Skills in 2025 – and it is all about the Data…

Posted on 30/05/2016 by Kanika Bhalla


-With the available social intelligence data continuing to increase, so will the collaboration between sources.


“We have never had so many validated sources of available data that can be linked and mined in real time. This data is having a massive effect on marketing, customer service, analytics and research components in every industry. This is particularly relevant when your consumers are from the ‘instant gratification’ generation”, says ExecutiveDNA’s Digital Recruitment Expert, Kanika Bhalla.


“As IoT (Internet of Things) integrates with consumers lives, tech and computational thinking will continue to be in demand over the next 15-20 years.” Kanika further explains that tech and computational thinking is the ability to manage massive amounts of data that we process individually each day by spotting patterns that then enable us to make sense of it. “Ultimately the big winners will be the specialists such as big data technology developers, data analysts, data science engineers and e-marketing specialists.”  


Singapore is being promoted as an Asian data hub with data analytics expected to contribute over $1 billion to the economy by 2017. “Singapore is transforming into a regional hub in this ever expanding niche; in 2014, Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) reported that there were over 2,000 data analysts in Singapore. They predict that nearly a third more will be need over the next couple of years”, Kanika says.


The main driver for the increase in the demand is due to non-infocomm companies wanting to build teams and departments around this speciality. Kanika further explains that it involves businesses such as banks, insurers, telcos, and retailers. “It really is expanding throughout all industries as it ensures that companies stay at the forefront of technology and have all the relevant information to make strategic short and long term decisions.”


Over the last couple of years, companies have been at the cusp of understanding the digital tech advances. These companies are now implementing it as part of their overall organisation strategy – Ultimately the time is now and the talent war is well underway.


For more information on the digital and data market, please take a look at It’s a Digital World market summary or contact Kanika Bhalla, ExecutiveDNA’s Digital Recruitment Expert. 

Source: The Straight Times, "Big Data Set for Big Growth in S'pore, Published", 12th Jan 2016