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The Best Super Words for Your Resume


Our Recruitment team at ExecutiveDNA reads countless of resumes each and every day. On average we receive 200 resumes per job and only have several minutes to review a resume and move on. We asked our team what were the best buzz words to place in your resume and here is what made the cut:

  • Revenue/ Profits
  • Increased/ Decreased/ Under budget/ Monetised
  • Won/ Achieved
  • Improved/ Standardised
  • Trained/ Mentored
  • Managed
  • Created/Developed/ Established
  • Resolved
  • Influenced
  • Negotiated/ Pursued
  • Launched/ Pioneered/ Spearheaded
  • Accelerated
  • Ranked/ Received/ Rewarded

These strong action orientated words enable the resume reader to understand what you do and why you do it successfully. It is important in a resume to be results driven as this illustrates how you would add value to the organisation.

If you are just starting your career or have little experience in the industry, review the job advert and identify the key words that they are looking for. You will be applying for junior roles so experience should not be critical. Alternatively concentrate on the key skill sets that the job advert identifies and ensure you customise your resume and cover letter to match. This allows the resume reader to quickly scan your resume and see that you align with the role’s requirements.

Ensure that you pack a verbal punch in your resume to give you the best chance in securing an interview. Don't forget to follow ExecutiveDNA on LinkedIn for more tips and tricks.

Image Source: Pixabay